1kg Star Limpet Shells

1kg: (Approx. 1200 shells)

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All of our Seashells are 100% Genuine, from sustainable and ethical sources,  with a Certificate of Authenticity

Natural white limpet shell with distinctive black star markings. Sourced from approved locations and suitable for crafts and interior/exterior decoration. The shells have been thoroughly cleaned and are suitable for table decoration.

Limpet is the common name used for many kinds of salt water and freshwater snails that have a shell which is conical in shape. The majority of the species can be found adhering to rocks or other hard surfaces and once covered by algae they can often closely resemble the surface itself

Limpets usually live in the intertidal zone and remain safely attached both during severe wave action and in direct sunlight during low tide.

Interestingly some species return to the same spot on the rock just before the tide recedes. In such species, the shape of their shell often grows to match the contours of the rock helping it to adhere more securely
Limpets are cooked and eaten in many different parts of the world, for example: in Hawaii and Portugal limpets are considered a delicacy.

Patella Sacharina

Shell Count: 1 kilo pack is likely to contain approximately 1200 shells.
Laid shoulder to shoulder one kilo of shells will cover an area of up to 0.4 Sqm ( 5 Sq feet). When used in glassware our 10kg pack wil fill at least 10 x 1 ltr containers.