100g Bag of Fossilised Ammonites – Assorted Fossil Ammonite Sea Creatures for Kids and Collectors

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All of our Fossils are 100% Genuine Specimens & come with a Certificate of Authenticity!

Specimen: Hematite Ammonite
Age: Jurassic Period
Location Found: Morocco

Ammonites are one of the most recognisable fossils around the world due to their familiar spiral shape. They were marine based, present between 240 – 65 million years ago. They are the most   popular fossil for collections and found all over the world. Some ammonites could reach up to 2 metres in size. Children love collecting them, and places like Lyme Regis in Dorset becomes busy during the summer months with many people trying their luck at finding impressions in the rocks of their own ammonites.

*100g = Approx. 80-200 Ammonites
Average Ammonite Size = 4-80mm