Bag of Squalicorax Sharks Teeth 100g

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Species: Squalicorax Shark
Specimen: Teeth
Age: Cretaceous period
Location Found: Morocco

The Squalicorax Shark (also known as a Crow Shark) is a prehistoric predator that lived during the Cretaceous period, approximately 113 to 66 million years ago. They were estimated to have reached up to 7 meters / 22 ft in length. Their teeth have a curved crown and are heavily serrated, excellently designed for ripping flesh, which would have made this large shark a top predator in the ocean!

When a sharks teeth become worn the predator will ‘shed’ these teeth, and these will be replaced with new sharper, stronger teeth. However, unlike humans, Sharks are known for re-shedding hundreds of teeth on a regular basis, which makes them a fruitful find with fossil hunters.

*100g Bags = approx. 24 Teeth
 Average Tooth Size = 25mm