Bronze Roman Coin, UK – 307 AD-363 AD

strong>AVERAGE SIZE:  18mm

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This genuine Roman Coin is a British Metal Detecting find, and is dated 307 AD-363 AD (3rd-4th Century). It comes in a lovely little display box with the name of the coin and details. The age is defined as ‘House of Constantine’.

Coins were symbols of power in Imperial times and were often used to disseminate the Emperor’s image across the empire as having god-like status. … Julius Caesar was the first.

Roman currency for most of Roman history consisted of gold, silver, bronze, orichalcum and copper coinage (see: Roman metallurgy). From its introduction to the Republic, during the third century BC, well into Imperial times, Roman currency saw many changes in form, denomination, and composition.

SIMILAR TO SEEN: The image shows an example of the single specimen you will receive. This will be picked from our stock box graded and with a size within the minimum and maximum size range indicated. It will not be the exact specimen in the photo, the colours, shape, size and style may vary as with any natural item.