Medium Fossil Fruit Marble Bowl with Fossil Orthoceras – Great for Home Decor and Fruit Display

Size: 200 x 200 x 50mm

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This spectacular piece could make an impressive serving bowl at parties, or simply displayed as a beautiful ornament. The bowl is made from the famous Black Marble of Morocco, and has been carved out and polished with genuine Orthoceras fossils embedded within it. These Orthoceras sea creatures are Devonian age.

Orthoceras, meaning “Straight Horn”, was a cephalopod that lived more than 400 million years ago. Its name refers to the characteristic long, straight, conical shell these possessed. The soft body lived in the last open-ended segment at the large end of the conical shell, the preserved fossilised shell is all that remains.

SIMILAR TO SEEN: The image shows an example of the single specimen you will receive. This will be picked from our stock box graded and with a size within the minimum and maximum size range indicated. It will not be the exact specimen in the photo, the colours, shape, size and style may vary as with any natural item.