Polished Lion Paw Scallop

SIZE: 100-140 (Range)

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All of our Seashells are 100% Genuine, from sustainable and ethical sources,  with a Certificate of Authenticity

Name: Polished Lion Paw Scallop
Classification: Nodipecten
Location: Baja California Peninsula

Selected natural shells that have been polished by hand to provide superb ornamental dishes.

Popular species scallop native to the Baja California Peninsula, The shell fish are a popular food source and recently have been commercially farmed.

SIMILAR TO SEEN: The image shows an example of the single specimen you will receive. This will be picked from our stock box graded and with a size within the minimum and maximum size range indicated. It will not be the exact specimen in the photo, the colours, shape, size and style may vary as with any natural item.