Genuine Moon Vial Dust Necklace – Embrace Lunar Magic and Own a Piece of the Moon!

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All of our Meteorites are 100% Genuine Specimens & come with a Certificate of Authenticity!

Lunar Meteorite NWA 7959. This wonderful and intriguing Lunar meteorite pendant holds a sample of genuine Moon Meteorite Dust, meaning it was once part of the surface of the Moon!!! We all feel a closeness to the Moon as it is so often visible in all its glory out of our windows, but this closeness doesn’t compare to the chance to actually wear a piece of the Moon!!! The sample itself is dust collected while cutting a Lunar meteorite which was sourced from one of the most respected collectors of planetary meteorites in the world. It has then been analysed by a top laboratory which gives each meteorite an official meteorite number.



About Your Necklace:
  • Approx. weight of moon dust is 10mg
  • Attached to a beautiful 18” Sterling Silver Chain
  • Comes presented in a lovely gift box
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity