Sikhote-Alin Meteorite

Average size: 5-10mm

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This Sikhote-Alin Meteorite was part of a huge fall that occurred in February 1947 in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains NE of Vladivostok, Russia. This meteorite is presented in a neat display box with an information leaflet.

The Sikhote-Alin meteorite fall was a massive impact event that occured on February 12th 1947, approximaetely 440km northeast of Vladivostok, Russia.Β 
The fall of this meteorite occurred in the daytime, and was observed by many eyewitnesses. This observational data allowed V.G. Fesenkov, chairman of the meteorite communitee of the USSR academy of Science, to compute the orbit of the original body. It is most likely that the former orbit of the Sikhote-Alin meteoroid is similar to that of many other small bodies of the solar system. It is ellipse-shaped, and its point of greatest distance from the sun lies within the asteroid belt. This suggests that the creation of the meteoroid, and its subsequent passage to Earth, was precipitated by the collision of two asteroids.Β 
The Sikohite-Alin meteorite fell in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Primorye, Russia, near the village of Paseka (approximately 440km northeast of Vladivostok) on the morning of February 12th 1947. At around 10:30am that morning, witnesses reported a fireball greater than the sun that came out of the North and the deafening sound of the fall was observed for three hundred kilometres around the point of impact.
SIMILAR TO SEEN:Β The image shows an example of the single specimen you will receive. This will be picked from our stock box graded and with a size within the minimum and maximum size range indicated. It will not be the exact specimen in the photo, the colours, shape, size and style may vary as with any natural item.