Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth (Grade B, Medium)

SIZE: 70-80mm (Range)

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Name: Spinosaurus sp
Species: Dinosaur
Age: Cretaceous Period
Location Found: Morocco

Spinosaurus, which means Spine Lizard, is a genus of Theropod Dinosaur that lived during the upper Albian to upper Turonian stages of the Cretaceous period, around 112 to 97 million years ago. This dinosaur was among the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, possibly outgrowing Tyrannosaurus & Giganotosaurus, and was recognisable by a long crocodile-like snout & a large spine sail on its back. Spinosaurus was well adapted to roaming land or water, much like a modern-day crocodile, making it one of the first dinosaurs that could swim successfully and choosing to spend most of its life in water than on land! The mouth of this dinosaur housed an assortment of teeth: two giant canines jutting out of its front upper jaw, a few bigger ones set further back in the snout, and a variety of straight, conical, grinding teeth in between. This most likely reflected Spinosaurus’ varied diet, which included not only fish but occasional servings of birds, mammals, and possibly even other dinosaurs!

 (Grade B): Mostly complete, sometimes restored and repaired.

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