Whale Ear Bone, Miocene, United States

SIZE: 50-90mm (Range)

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Specimen: Whale Ear Bone
Age: Miocene
Location Found: S. Carolina, USA

Whales had land-based ancestors that made their way into the ocean millions of years ago. Part of that transition involved modifying their ears so that they could clearly hear sounds underwater and tell where those sounds were coming from, this was vital when hunting since their sight was compromised in the deep, dark waters of the oceans.

Many Prehistoric Whales were much larger than their relations today, and scientists discovered fossil remains of one of the biggest predators that ever lived, a whale that effortlessly devoured other whales and probably anything else in its path it had an appetite for. The scientists called this creature Leviathan melvillei“Leviathan” means sea monster, and “melvillei” refers, of course, to Herman Melville, who wrote the greatest of whale stories, Moby-Dick.

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