Worm Tube [Genicularia vertebralis], Jurassic, UK

SIZE: 5-15mm (Range)

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Name: Genicularia vertibralis
Species: Worm
Age: Oxford Clay, Jurassic
Location Found: Yaxley, United Kingdom

Genicularia vertebralis were annelids, or segmented worms, members of the Annelida phylum, as are earthworms.  Annelids have complex organs, including blood vessels, a nervous system, and a digestive tract; their bodies are formed of ringed segments. Worms’ soft bodies generally don’t fossilise, though traces of worms do fossilise. These are pieces of the calcareous tubes secreted by the marine worms. The Genicularia vertebralis worms living in these tubes were a free-living worm that was not physically attached to the interior surface of the tube in which it lived.  The interiors of these tube fragments are now filled with matrix.

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